Event Information

This is the first event we are running and we’re looking to attract 500 attendees to our event in the Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner niche, we are looking for serious business owners who want to invest time and money into their businesses and are looking for trusted experts and products to enable increased productivity and effeciency within their business and marketing efforts.

The speakers have been chosen on the basis on the strength of their talk, their speaking experience and the size of their social media following, that being said we always reserve 20% of the speaking slots to new speakers as we believe in giving new speakers an opportunity.

We believe the event represents a fantastic opportunity for those sponsors who have either high ticket products or MRR products with a good retention rate and good LTV.


4 Available
$ 500
  • Visible on All Sessions
  • Visibility on Website
  • Visibility on Marketing Material


4 Available
$ 1000
  • Visible on All Sessions
  • Visibility on Website
  • Visibility on Marketing Material
  • One Week Featured Sponsor
  • Featured Section In Weekly Mailshot
  • Optional 30 second Pre-roll Ad

Product Placement

All our event videos are being professionally edited, allowing us to add in sponsorship information at the start and end of the session.

If you choose the platinum sponsorship we can add a 30 second pre-recorded video before each session begins for your featured week this would stay on the videos for those who purchase lifetime access inside our membership site.

These will be re-sold after every event giving you a long term sponsorship opportunity for no further investment.

Further Information

We are looking to run these 4 times a year, whilst this is a new event it’s not our first rodeo, Matthew Hughes, the founder of Digital Marketing Rockstars has been running events online and in person for over 10 years, serving thousands of attendees largely in the tech space.

We are looking for sponsors we can create a long term relationship with and we are an incredibly loyal organisation, we will stick with those that invest with us at the start of our journey.

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