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Hi, My name is Matt Hughes, A.K.A The King of Video, i’m a tech geek and the former owner of a global video production company. 

Throughout my years in business i’ve always ran communities and took great pleasure in connecting people either in a personal or business sense. 

I like to do business with integrity, authenticity and most importantly imperfectly, i’m sure there’s plenty of holes in this site, my funnel and a bunch of wierd and wonderful mistakes, but what I lack in attention to detail, I make up for in ACTION. 

The last summit was an idea I had at 4am and we had filled the speaker roster within 48 hours and launched registration for tickets within 7 days.

My desire with DMR is to inspire you to take action, connect you with some of the best people from around the world and show you how you too can make money online in an ethical and fun way. It shouldn’t be difficult and most of the time, the only ones making it difficult are ourselves. So strap in, and let’s get this show on the road.

Meet Your Speakers

Carl Pate spent the first 27 years of his career in senior finance roles within the corporate world. He was CFO during a Management Buy Out of a business that was on its knees. In the 5 years prior to acquisition the business had lost £165m and in the year of purchase it lost £65m. The MBO team purchased the business for £1, turned it around and made it profitable after 3 years and sold it for multiple 8 figures after 12 years.

Carl started his own business, Productivity Powerhouse (which helps people to improve their productivity), 4 years later and has subsequently co-founded another business called Undercover Entrepreneur which helps people to make the leap from the corporate world to that of the entrepreneur. Also, during the pandemic Carl set up another business, Golden Kite Trading, which clears out business premises and upcycles the contents for sale through it’s retail operation creating a Zero Waste goal.

With all of this going on the ability to make the very most out of every minute is key to the process, and during this whole period Carl has studied personal productivity with some of the greatest mentors in the world. Carl has created his own life management software called Daily Life Tracker, written an online course called The 5 Pillars of Awesome, and written an Amazon Best Selling Book called Making Shit Happen.

“Carla Erskin is the founder of Bossingly® Automation Solutions. Bossingly® provides consulting and coaching for small businesses and businesses owners. The goal at Bossingly is to help entrepreneurs organize their businesses, reclaim their time, and increase their profit using sales and marketing automation systems, delegation solutions and productivity strategies.

A Dallas Texas native, Carla earned her Master’s of Business Admiration from Texas Woman’s University. Carla is a coach, speaker, and consultant who is known by her clients as being committed to helping entrepreneurs create a successful business and life.”

In the process of building her own (travel) Instagram account to over 100,000 followers Cat became obsessed with learning everything there is to know about Instagram. She has combined this obsession with her passion for teaching, creating a range of courses and tools to help independent business owners confidently build their brand and sell on Instagram.

Having had to leave training to become a doctor to support her family, Elle was approached by a 6-week old estate agent company to join them. Within 3 years, she had gone from inexperienced in the industry to Director of the company. Not only that but in the same timeframe, the start-up had been assessed by The Property Academy and Rightmove as Number 2 Lettings branch and Number 1 Sales branch in the UK. This is out of 26,000 branches in the country and from analysis of 45 customer-driven data points from a 6-month mystery shop.

“I’m a former royal Marine commando, I sir for nine years as a sniper and physical training instructor. I left the military in 2011 to be at home with my children. I crashed and burned in the first three years of being out of the military.

I lost my identity, my purpose, my driving hunger for life. Within those three years I ended up being divorced and rock bottom.

Entrepreneurship in theory saved my life. I was forced into taking my side hustle to a full-time role and was only earning £7000 a year.

In 12 months I took that business to £107,000 a year, I had no idea how to run a business, I had no idea what I was doing. But I threw myself into it, I learn, had a strong work ethic, and had a vision of where I wanted to be.

Fast forward eight years I now run a brand called The Man Coach. I also run an e-commerce business, and I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for the last eight months helping them with their time management, and productivity levels to become the asset of their business.

My mission with this business is to help business avoid becoming mentally and emotionally burnt out, and to help those entrepreneurs grow their business without sacrificing their life.

I have four children one amazing partner, I love running, jujitsu, golf, and swimming in the sea watching the sunrise.

I live life on my terms, and my business is based around my life, not my life around my business”

“After 18 years in the ‘corporate world’ in Retail HR with companies such as B&Q, Safeway and
Staples, Jo started her first business in 2005 publishing eight local community magazines,
selling advertising to local businesses. And all because she wanted to start a family and work
from home. Little Doddsy is nearly fourteen!

After selling that business, she now works with home-based coaches and consultants
to support them in running a successful business including helping them to get
started, marketing online and offline, automation, running webinars, speaking,
networking, podcasting and a whole host of other strategies.

My 5 Fundamentals for improving your POWER
How to be productive and avoid procrastination
Tips and strategies you can implement today to give you more time and energy Jo quickly extended her offering by helping the businesses to market online including initially specialising in teaching them how to create their own WordPress websites, and then, from 2009, specialising in social media, in its early days!

She also focuses on helping them to improve their productivity, wellbeing and resilience, enabling them to ‘live more’.

She delivers all this via her membership site POWER to Live More CALM built around Communty, Accountability, Learning and Materials, providing pragmatic advice, coaching and specific help at the right time to suit her members.

Her weekly podcast is POWER to Live More where she interviews interesting people about their businesses, productivity and wellbeing. She is an AWeber Certified Expert.”

“Kay is the leading ActiveCampaign teacher and consultant, and has unlocked the automation with ActiveCampaign for thousands of businesses worldwide.

She’s killer-good at explaining how it all fits together, delivering wall to wall lighbulb moments and getting everyone excited about business automation.

There’s something here for everyone, from curious first-time automators to wannabe ninja ActiveCampaign pros.

When it comes to making ActiveCampaign not only easier, but more effective at saving you time and making you money, there’s no one better to spend a happy half hour with than Kay Peacey.”

“Automation queen, tech geek and email marketing wizard are what people call me.

I’ve got a unique brain that enables me to make the tech side of business seem easy.

A mum of 2, owner of 2 businesses and health issues all meant I had to learn automation early on in my business.

I now help people by both doing it for them or teaching them how to do it.

I’ve worked with clients who have a small audience of a few people all the way up to clients with millions of followers.

I can jump into any system and figure out how to use it in a matter of seconds. My brain is like a flow chart that sees connections everywhere.

Tech is magical and I believe every business owner deserves some of this magic!”

“Leona Carter empowers women to build intimacy with their husbands through the power of dating again to enhance communication, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Leona is an International Empowerment Speaker, International-Multi-best-selling Author, and Intimacy Coach. As the President and CEO of Carter Strategies, Leona hosts, Hey Coach Carter TV, where she talks to married women who are building their business and their bedroom. Leona has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and more.

Married since 1995, Leona, and her high school sweetheart, Omarr, have six children and one grandson. Leona and her family moved from Seattle Washington to Kalamazoo Michigan for the tuition-based program called The Kalamazoo Promise, where her family was featured in the New York Times.

Leona’s energetic personality and vibrancy set her apart from the normalcy of entrepreneurship. She blazes a trail everywhere she goes through her passion for serving.”

“Louise is a self-professed ex-faffer. Back in 2013 when she started her own business: 🙋🏼‍♀️ Her days were unstructured 🤦‍♀️ She didn’t plan 🤭 Everything was on scraps of paper or hidden in a sea of notebooks 🤔 She spent hours looking for things Until she decided enough was enough and she worked out a better way. Today she has easy systems and her days are planned out and even better she now shows people how to sort this stuff out themselves. She works with solo business owners to assist them in calming their mental clutter and help them take back control so they can grow their business and Get Stuff Done!!”

“Magda Pawlik is the owner of Magda Pawlik Consultancy.

She helps female entrepreneurs to develop game-changing systems like a BOSS, so that they level up with unwavering confidence.
She’s lived in the UK for 10+ years and is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After graduating from university with honours in Logistics, Magda had a chance to work in a global logistic firm and experienced how supply chain mechanisms are working in a product-based business. In her later employed role, she had the first-hand experience in how systems and processes worked in the retail industry.

In 2019, after starting her own business as a tech VA she was awarded 3 industry awards for Runner up UK Outstanding VA 2021, Runner up Best Newcomer VA in UK VA Awards 2020, Winner Scotland VA of the Year 2020. Now as an Online System Strategist she’s helping implement systems and processes to help businesses have solid foundations for growth.”

Matthew Hughes is the King of Video.

In 2013 he started his video company that he ran for 7 years creating video and travelling the world, with clients from one man bands through to billion dollar companies.

Fast forward to 2019 and he created the King of Video brand to help small business owners confidently, create, consistent video content that connects with their audience.

He does this with his YouTube Challenge, the YouTube Bootcamp and on a 1-2-1 basis with his YouTube managed service, YouTube Essentials

Mike Cole helps small business owners to evolve a long-term business that achieves their financial and lifestyle goals. As a Chartered Accountant (ICAS), Mike offers solid business insights, tools and techniques to help you understand your options for building a more profitable business. As an accredited coach (ICF), Mike provides a calm, supportive space for you to explore your options and work out which is the right way forward for you. Everyone is different, and there is no one right way.

“Hey! After over a decade working for big corporate businesses I have jumped into an entrepreneurial world so that I can start building the freedom lifestyle for myself and my family. And now – that is what I help others to do as well through my signature program The Online Launch Lab, and social media marketing services that I provide.

Some call me “”energiser bunny””, some say I have “”pitbull mentality””, but what matters for me the most is the results that I help my clients achieve! Nothing beats the message “”I have just signed up my first high ticket client!”” (as I know this is just a beginning for them).

I am also a wife, mum, bonus mum, dog mum, cake baker and an amateur runner (the goal for 2021: 2000km).”

“Ollie has lived the life. If anyone is practising what he preached then this is the guy.
In the beginning Ollie lost his father, a traumatic time led to extensive emotional eating making the weight shoot up to nearly 300lbs, it was then where Ollie was working in a corporate job and when being a ‘successful guy’ was mentioned this was the furthest anyone could possibly be – low confidence, high body fat, no sales skills, no morale.
When having sex and not wanting to take his top off it finally hit him, he needed to do something about it and got a membership at the gym, invested in his own personal trainer (who coincidently Ollie now mentors himself), this was the start of a massive chapter.

Ollie left the corporate world to add fitness as his job and swiftly dropped nearly 100lbs in 12 months to step onto a bodybuilding stage, it was here that learning about nutrition became vital, everything that could be taken on board was taken on board, every hack, every secret, every method was tried to find out what was best to drop weight and put on muscle. This had a dramatic impact on Ollie’s life after 4 years doing this full time he was offered a position back in his previous job and how times had changed.

Within 6 months of accepting the job Ollie was the top sales guy in the company, this self-confident, powerful and driven individual could not be recognised when compared to his former self, fitness had literally laid the path to be the successful guy everyone was talking about within the company, this was great and it led to Ollie becoming a manager leading over 30 people at any one time.
This wasn’t enough, Ollie had found his passion with his time in the fitness industry and this made him hungry, he was revitalised and had unfinished business after helping multiple people online he decided to take the leap and go back full time with this new attitude.

Ollie has now worked with people all over the world and having been brought up in a family full of endurance athletes actually became ‘that guy’ for nutrition in endurance working with Olympic athletes, world champion triathletes and even Tour De France riders whilst training personally in both strength and endurance himself knowing the importance of constant self development in all areas.

It was when looking back on the story of his father passing away before his time that he realised his calling. You see, his father was only trying to provide for his family, working his ass off and financial he was definitely providing but what was missing was the focus on his health, at 47 years old Trevor Matthews passed away suffering a stroke which, with a little more focus on both stress management and health from the inside out could potentially have been prevented.
Not focusing on health stopped Ollie’s father from seeing massive events in his life – both Ollie and his sister’s wedding days, granddaughter being born, graduations and even just literally going for a drive on a Sunday afternoon to watch the game.
Ollie’s clients are and the development of Ollie’s Health Reboot has literally changed the game, there is nothing else more important than yourself, this is why, as mentioned at the start, Ollie is the guy who practices what he preaches.”

“Hey! After over a decade working for big corporate businesses I have jumped into an entrepreneurial world so that I can start building the freedom lifestyle for myself and my family. And now – that is what I help others to do as well through my signature program The Online Launch Lab, and social media marketing services that I provide. Some call me “”energiser bunny””, some say I have “”pitbull mentality””, but what matters for me the most is the results that I help my clients achieve! Nothing beats the message “”I have just signed up my first high ticket client!”” (as I know this is just a beginning for them). I am also a wife, mum, bonus mum, dog mum, cake baker and an amateur runner (the goal for 2021: 2000km).”

Susanne Grant is an Award-winning Work-Life Balance Integration Expert, Business Coach & Consultant, and International Bestselling Author of the book “Drop The MF Struggle”. She helps organisations navigate the 4-day work-weeks & hybrid working model to reduce stress-related absence costs, increase job satisfaction and preformance. Her work has been featured in Authority Magazine, The Global Millionaire Magazine, Thrive Global, and many more. In fact, thousands of people have benefited from her work as they implement Susanne’s motto: “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. Find out more about Susanne at grantmethod.com.

“Welcome, I’m Tania

Business processes and automation are in my blood. Having worked for an International Management Consultancy, I specialised in optimising business processes and workflow efficiencies. My clients included The Daily Express, The Mirror Group, several major credit card companies, and British Steel, and smaller organisations, too.

Now I love to work with small business owners that need to improve their systems and achieve the growth they dream of. I focus on three key areas of expertise using software called Keap:

Increase leads through automated lead generation and nurture
Automate admin processes and support systems, and
Create course and membership sites

These will all help small business owners streamline and grow their business in a controlled and efficient manner.

I’d love to get to know your business and help you too.”

“Tristan Griffiths now confidently speaks to large groups as an inspirational educator, specialising in productivity & marketing – he hasn’t always been this way. Once nervous about speaking in front of an audience, Tristan puts these current high levels of confidence down to three key factors, which you can also harness, once you understand and appreciate them fully;

• Knowledge
• Training
• Practise

‘Confidence is achieved from knowing your subject area well;
And practising your professional delivery’

Passionate about fast tracking results for small to medium businesses, Tristan Griffiths uses his own knowledge and expertise in productivity and marketing to get hands on in their business. Teaching and helping the business owners to analyse & implement various strategies on a specialist one to one level.

It is not staff that effectively build a business, but a team, the real sense of ownership, staff advocacy and involvement; Once you have that, then your business will thrive.

‘Once you understand what drives and motivates someone;
You can make them do ANYTHING’

Understanding human behaviour is the key factor behind Tristan Griffiths’ success and the same reason he;

• Maintained 100% staff retention for 2 years (in a group of 18-24 year olds)
• Has grown an online audience of over 3,000,000 people in 9 months
• Gets asked to speak to businesses around the world on productivity and marketing

Understanding that building a strong team is one of the fastest and best ways to develop a successful business; Tristan Griffiths works with business owners to deliver bespoke trainings to their teams, that create a real sense of staff advocacy.

Whether it is small management training, or larger operational level training, Tristan delivers interactive talks that drive engagement, ownership & increase productivity across the business.

Working internationally, these trainings are delivered both in person and online, both with interactive elements to ensure the high levels of engagement required to deliver real results.

These session can also be recorded, for use as training resources for on-boarding new team members.

‘Leaders build great teams;
That work together’

Tristan Griffiths understands that when training people, it is essential to ensure they have understood and practised what they have learned.

Running interactive and hands on trainings allows Tristan to ensure this fast tracked level of improvement within each business.

Removing any complicated language and delivering on an easy to digest basis, Tristan has been successfully training people for over decade and really enjoys helping people on a practical level.

‘There is a reason simple works;
People understand & implement it!’

Any business is only as good as their marketing efforts and latest success.

Tristan Griffiths prides himself on being at the forefront of productivity and marketing techniques, through his continual ongoing self-education.

With a BA Degree in Digital Media, Tristan specialises in leveraging digital and social media, in conjunction with traditional media to help grow audiences faster than ever before.

This can be delivered through a series of trainings and workshops.

‘Everyday is a school day;
Never Stop Learning’

Tristan Griffiths understands that, as for everyone, business owners time is their most valuable asset. Because of this important understanding he is available to consult either online, or will come to you.

Sessions are kept short, productive and implementable to value your time and help you realise that leverage is key when it comes to productivity.

Often 90 minutes is all it takes to start seeing real results in your business.

Imagine how much impact that learning could have, when implemented across your whole team. This tactic alone has saved some of Tristan’s clients in excess of $30,000 in just 3 weeks! What would you save with a fresh look at your systems & processes?

‘Time is your most valuable asset;
Use it productively’

Working across a number of industries and sizes of businesses, allows Tristan Griffiths to continually bring new ideas and concepts, to further enhance every training session.

Many people only ever look within their own industries for what they should be doing to improve, Tristan believes this is one of the fundamental reasons for businesses being held back.

It is the ideas outside the box that change the world!

‘Nothing exceptional ever happens inside your comfort zone’

Tristan Griffiths is also a strong believer in the principle of 360 degree learning; Always being prepared to learn from those both more & less experienced than yourselves.

He was blessed enough recently to be able to reconnect with one of his college lecturers. This reality played out as he was able to return the blessings bestowed upon him, as there was an educational knowledge exchange from him back to his lecturer.

Tristan’s real sense of satisfaction comes from helping and inspiring others, irrespective of position or industry.

‘If you know more than everyone in the room;
You are in the wrong room’

An entrepreneur since age 12, Tristan Griffiths has taken an interesting route from then until now; Starting his first business aged 12 he ran a tuck shop in a private school in London – for which he was scolded – but not put off!

Relocating to the Isle Of Wight to study hospitality for four years, Tristan is well versed in dealing with people, complaints and dishing up some pretty impressive meals to boot. It is certainly true that hospitality develops your interpersonal skills faster than most other industries, both with colleagues and customers.

Tristan still believes that if you want to fast track your success with people, start out in hospitality, it will open your eyes, to a world of transferable skills relevant into every industry.

‘If you start working in hospitality;
All else will seem easy’

With his understanding of people developing fast, and a passion for business, he went back to study a BA Digital Media degree in Bournemouth, at the Arts University.

Whilst studying he set up a business that reached 3m people online, partnered with Microsoft, Merlin Entertainments & Proof Drinks.

During this time he curated a team of forty 18-24 year olds and maintained 100% retention over the next two years.

Not many people get to write about their business instead of hypotheticals and hand it in in order to get a degree. Far fewer actually make money going to University, but Tristan Griffiths is always open to possibilities and opportunities – seizing them when they arise.

Tristan is good at building teams, but also recognising that without his amazing team this would not have been possible. #TeamATW

‘Your business is only as good as the team within it’

Tristan is blessed to be a published professional media photographer, who over the years has built and developed teams in a number of industries, including one that was photography driven. With a natural eye for a great photo, Tristan carved himself a niche in the nightlife industry, working the club circuit for a number of years.

During this time Tristan and his team have been honoured to collaborate with big brands such as Pacha, Q-Dance, Slammin Vinyl, Ministry Of Sound, Global Gathering and many more globally recognised event brands. His work has also blessed him with opportunities to work alongside such music legends as Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Calvin Harris & Tinnie Tempah amongst others.

‘Photos are like your business and team;
They need your full attention and development’

Recognised for his depth of knowledge in business, productivity and marketing, Tristan Griffiths has appeared on radio more than once to discuss practical tips on how owners of businesses of any size can implement simple changes to see results fast.

Also broadcasting his advice and tips via Snapchat & other social channels such as Facebook Live

Be sure to follow those links for some free guidance and to hear his latest updates and advice. And also to connect and ask any questions you may have.

He loves connecting with new businesses and individuals and helping the wider community, so please do reach out.

Tristan Griffiths is also available for interviews & collaborations.

So why not send him your thoughts?

‘The world is better when we work together;
So how can I help you today?’

Tristan Griffiths • @ImTristanG”

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