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With your free ticket, you’ve got access to watch the sessions for a full 24 hours. If this is not enough time to watch them, the Standard Pass gives you 1-year access to all the recordings.

PLUS when you upgrade now, you get access to the full summit when it starts on October 27th to binge watch Netflix style.

Once you’ve purchased a pass you get access to the Academy Virtual Summit VIP Group, this gives you access to all the sessions AND the exclusive bonuses listed below.

Early Bird

Available until midnight October 26th
£ 27
  • VIP Access to Replays AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!!
  • 1 Year Access to the Presentations
  • Exclusive Summit Debrief
  • £100 off DMR annual membership

Replay Pass

£ 47
  • Access to All Sessions
  • 1 Year Access to the Presentations
  • Exclusive Summit Debrief
  • £100 off DMR annual membership

Don't miss out on these amazing sessions, access them all beyond October with VIP Access

Replay Pass Includes

VIP Replay Access

The summit begins on October 27th 2021 with each of the days sessions being available for FREE members, for 24 hours.

However, if you upgrade you will get instant access to ALL sessions on the 27th, as well as a full year to watch them at your leisure.

Summit Debrief

Inside the DMR Academy where the summit is hosted, we will have an exclusive summit debrief, i’ll give you the low down on how it was put together, how we found the speakers, edited the sessions and of course how many tickets we sold.

I’ll also look into the revenue share with our affiliates as it’s the first time we have an affiliate team promoting the event.

£100 Off Academy Membership

Miss out on the year long access prize? This voucher is valid for 90 days after the conference starts and is valid for annual membership to the DMR Academy, which includes access to the YouTube Bootcamp, Video Editing School, Content Repurposing School and access to our weekly accountability calls and Tech surgery. 
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